Custom Ragdoll Physics for Gmod?

Like in CS:S, I want to know where I can find a download for custom ragdoll physics, because most of the time in Gmod when I kill an individual, he or she just plops down, no force applied or anything. Maybe a mod where ragdolls fly up in the air a little or get knockback.

If you’re using sweps you’re best off to increase the bullet force.
If you only want the model-wise approach then you’re off to decompile every ragdoll, edit it’s mass parameters and recompile.

Actually I don’t know about you, but it seems that whole physics stuff changed in gmod if not in the whole source engine.

Back in the days ragdolls used to fly after being shot by .357 and explosive barrels actually pushed everything around when they exploded.

I think that the best option for you for now will be upping the phys_pushscale (default 1)

Make it phys_pushscale 5 and it should work fine with ragdolls and stuff.

Alright thanks.