Custom ragdoll/prop request

Alright, I’ve been working on a model in Blender, fairly simple just 6 uv circles. Now, the only problem I’m having is adding textures to it. I want to give the object a face, I’ve found out how to add the texture, but when I view the preview, the face tends to be used all over the main body, rather than once in front like I want it to.
What I’m hoping is that somebody could offer some help such as what size dimensions I should use for the texture, and how to get it to not repeat, and only appear once where I want it to appear. Also, keep in mind that I have little knowledge of blender, so images and steps may work better.
After that, if somebody would also be willing to make it into a rag doll for me, or point me towards a simple guide of how to do it myself, I’d appreciate that.

Original Post/ Unneeded, and uncared for as of now.

That looks like a brown waddle dee more than Kirby.

Thank you for the criticism of my pixel, may have not been the point of me posting here, but it still helps.

Anyway, this isn’t an impatient bump, I’ve updated the first post, since I decided it be much better for me to learn how to do these types of things on my own, and I’ve ran into one problem, and want to know what to do when I make it to the next step.

You have to select the faces of the model around the face of the model (the second face being the :slight_smile: kind of face the first being a tri) and regroup them, then you apply the face texture to that group. The rest (that is left in the original group) would need to have a colour (that the face texture is mainly) applied to it separately in order to not have the repeating face texture (see what I mean?), or you could always UV the rest of the body onto a 8x8 pixel square of the colour on the face texture (as it will do the same thing but means your only having to use one texture).

Unfortunately I have no idea how you’d do that in Blender :S

I found out how to select the face (the T key), so that it’s now textured the way I want it. Thanks for the help.
I think I may have seen a few good tutorials of ragdolling it here, so I’ll try to do that part on my own, I’ll just keep this topic if I get stuck.

Glad I could help ^^