Custom Ragdolls stuck in T Pose...

Well, this was before the other thread regarding high dynamic shadows and now, I am tired of having this same issue.

I am having problems with quite a bit of my ragdolls as they are always stuck in T pose. I looked around and the problem was usually the Error Hide addon, which I didn’t have. The addons that I have don’t see to have a problem, but I have been uninstalling quite a few to see if they are the one causing the problem…they were not.

The addons so far that are doing this would be:
Creepy Woody
Sci-Fi Citizens
Black Mesa NPCs (only the male scientists and security officers)
Gordon Freeman HD

Should anyone have suggestions other than (uninstall GMod completely), I’d be greatful. :slight_smile:

What are you using those models for/as?

Usually posing. The NPCs (being the male scientists, security guards and the Gordon Freeman HD) are there for like saves or just mess around…

Well, even verifying the game doesn’t do it. Along with that, no one is really posting on this so I am probably going to have to find whatever is causing the t poses…

T pose is most likely caused by missing or otherwise inaccessible model animation. some ragdoll addons uses animations from other games like TF2 or HL2 with its episodes.

Also, does it happens as soon as you spawn a ragdoll, or after you load a save or a duplication.

@Titanic4 I have all of the major games mounted except L4D2. The mods like ZP:S are not installed.

It happens as soon as I spawn them. With the NPCs, it is after I kill them or spawn them as a ragdoll.

Try uninstalling/disabling ALL your addons and unmount ALL your games.

Also try verifying game cache integrity.

I am having the same problem. some custom models spawn in as ragdolls others are just props in the t pose.

Disabling all of them (doing it one by one does it, doing “Disable All” doesn’t work) except the VJ Base and Black Mesa NPCs didn’t work, as the male scientists and guards still gave me the t pose. I disabled that and renabled Woody and he still gave me the pose as well.

Guess I am going to go uninstall the addons and reinstall them.

Disabling all of the addons means disabling all of the addons, not disabling most of them, DISABLE ALL OF THEM. And then test the default ragdolls.

Did that and all of the default ragdolls seemed good.

Default= Half-Life 2 ragdolls, etc?

Then add addons one by one until you find the one that breaks everything and tell us what it is.

Alright then. I’ll message back when I find the problem…

Also, does it help by mentioning I have neurotec installed or is that nothing to worry about?