Custom ranks cannot pickup cars and other peoples props.

I got some ranks on my server that cannot pickup cars and other players props.

I got Owner, Superadmin, HeadAdmin, Admin, Mod, Test-Mod

My server is danish so some of the ranks have different names.
Ejer = Owner, HovedAdmin = HeadAdmin

I have been having this problem for a long time and i cant seem to find a fix on it.

Maybe FFP is causing the issue.

Also, your targeting perms are a bit different from what I use, and my groups can target who they’re allowed to.

For example, I have my TrialModerator group, and Moderator.

TrialModerator can target “!%Moderator”, and Moderator can target “!%admin”

But I’ve had issues with Falco’s Prop Protection in the past. Just check some options on and off and see what happens.

I did check everything in FFP. But i cant seem to find anything to fix it.

And it doesnt matter if i change the target thing the rank will still not be able to lift cars or lift peoples props

Had the same problem back when I had a Gmod Server, add me on Steam. I might be able to help