Custom rebuilt Undertale events in Portal 2

After recently playing through Undertale, I was inspired to make two Portal 2 maps that almost perfectly reconstruct the way certain battles are carried out in Undertale. My goal was not to simply make an Undertale inspired map, or just use graphics and story elements from the game in a Portal 2 styled puzzle, but instead to recreate the selected moments verbatim in Portal 2. The result is a rebuilt, 2-dimensional, functional Undertale dodging system, which just happens to have been made entirely out of a rediculous amount of Hammer I/O.

One is of the first moments, after falling into the hole, and the map ends after you either get hit by Flowey or dodge his bullets (in the former case, the game crashes intentionally after he laughs, as I didn’t want the map to continue after that). There are also some Portal props in the beginning to suggest a connection with the Portal 2 multiverse, and to allow new interactions with Flowey (putting a prop on his head or spamming “E” on him in the overworld gives unique responses). The WASD keys are used to move your soul in-battle. Here’s the workshop link. Here are a couple screenshots of Portal 2 running the map (I apologize for the massive images, I don’t know how to resize them in the forums):

The second map starts right away with Mettatons Quiz Show battle. He goes through the entire quiz, but with some slight changes; Alphys is absent, so you can’t cheat, and must go off of memory, and he will kill you in two hits, with no items to heal with. If you fail, you get booted back to the Portal 2 main menu and have to try again. There are also some minor missing features that I omitted because they would have been messy to implement (most notably, time limits for questions and the growing numbers in the mettatonnnnnnnnnn question). The controls in this map perfectly mimic those of Undertale; you can use the Z key and the arrow keys to control the battle (although WASD and left click work too). It also has a variety of cheats in the description; you can display Alphys sprite in battle, regain control of a 3D camera, and more. This is the workshop link. Here are some in-game image from Portal 2 running the map:

Should I keep making these? These maps take a lot of time and effort to make, and they don’t get much attention. They also get a shocking dislike to like ratio. I’ve been feeling rather depressed lately, and I don’t want to dump lots of time and effort into something that no one else will appreciate…

Impressive, but if you want people to enjoy Undertale your efforts would be best spent trying to get them to play the actual game, right? Undertale is kinda touchy in general because it’s one of those games people don’t like out of hand because it attracted a certain kind of ‘crowd’, which probably explains the dislikes.

I was never trying to change anyones’ way of thinking with these maps, I was just making a tribute to the game I just recently enjoyed (I happen to be lucky; I haven’t encountered the vocal, cringey portion of the fanbase or any spoilers what so ever until after I finished it; I wasn’t even sure if it was an RPG when I got it for sale on Steam). Your right though, that would explain the dislikes. It’s still kind of disheartening getting almost twice as many dislikes as likes after the effort I put in, though…