Custom Road Textures

I’m making a map for Garry’s Mod that has a lot of roads, so do you guys know any good road textures, or where I could find them?

I’ve tried that one but there’s a pink and black texture OVER the road texture.

Or maybe I could use the CSS ones, but I’m not sure how many people have CSS.

I think the ‘pink and black’ must be the reflection skin over it, not sure.
Also, if you think CSS road textures are worth using then use, don’t bother about the rest of the people.

Agreed, it’s like sticking your dick half in, having gmod with css

Build cubemaps to remove the pink/black texture

It doesn’t have reflection but a detail texture. I took a look into it. Damnit! I forgot to add the detail texture to the archive. I’ll fix that.

Edit: Fixed it! Everything should work fine now.