Custom RP job: Electrician, Car Dealer, and Real estate agent there will be Compensation.

Hi everyone Me and my clan at TGC (The Gaming Complex) run a serious RP server and I am currently making a new RP map and I was looking for some good LUA scripter’s to make me three new and unique jobs. The three jobs are Electrician, Car Dealer, and Real estate agent I will put a brief description of what I would like each job to entail and you guys can ask any questions.If your serious about scripting this please reply if you do a good enough job, I will Compensate you for your time.

Electrician: basically his job would be to install the lighting around the map; he would have four basic tools.

  1. Light bulbs: could just be the lights/lamp tool, all players would have the light tool restriction other than electrician.
  2. Buttons/ switch: could be regular wire tool, but not restricted to other players so if it is a buildrp server anyone can still use buttons.
  3. Power supply: could simply just be a model that’s scripted to allow the lights to turn on once wired to it.
  4. Wiring tool: to wire all entities together to make a working electrical system.
    The electrician can charge to install lighting into a person’s establishment, and then also charge the person for usage whether it is for every 20 minutes you have the lighting system you have to pay him 50 bucks. Another method of billing could be to set up a timer to the on/off switch in the house and every time the lights were turned on in a person’s house it would set off a timer and once the lights were turned off the timer would turn off. The Electrician could then calculate the bill, and if a customer did not pay the bill the electrician could then shut the power off to the person’s house.

Car Dealer: The car dealer’s job would be to sell cars. Like the gun dealer there could be different model cars at different prices the car dealer could start to selling cheap junky cars and as he sold more cars he could buy better cars to sell. Not sure how it exactly works, but I think you have to do a separate script for each car (like shipments for the gun dealer) so you would have to use a specific drivable cars pack so you could use it along with the job.
This would add a new element to the game in the way that other players can’t spawn cars, but once you are tired of one car you can sell it to someone else and get a better one ( might be to much scripting to make it so someone else can own the car don’t know that’s your guys department). Also criminals could be able to steal cars so the police would have to chase them down, or the criminal could sell the car on the black market.

Real Estate Agent: My basic Idea for this job would be that only a Real Estate Agent could buy doors for people instead of you yourself going up to a door/house and owning it (F2). You would have to go to a real estate agent and ask to buy a door/house once the money is given to the agent the agent would then either (my idea) select the door, then maybe like the money system open a menu and select give door to person in view and then that person would be the owner. Then if you wanted to move the agent could either disown you on the door for a small fee and sell it to someone else or you could hire a real estate agent to sell your house to someone else and they would get a cut of the profit.
The job of a real estate agent could become very cut throat with multiple agents trying to find sellers for homes.

I Should probably add that We use DarkRP and that the Car Dealer job has been covered considering how simple that job will be in comparison. I would have to assume the real estate agent would have to cut into some of the core of darkrp’s door ownership system. So having some knowledge of Darkrp would be a plus.

I will do it if you pay me some money. Add me if you want to.

sorry for not replying for a while I go to college right now and I don’t have a whole lot of time on my hands.I sent you a friends request my name on steam is “uberbacon”. If any other scripters would like to chime in and give there two cents though I would appreciate it.