Custom Rust Font

Hey guys, I noticed while playing in photoshop that Rust doesn’t have an official font (that I can find at least) so I took a few minutes out of my day to create a Custom Rust Font for any use in photoshop, word, etc. My main goal for creating this font was so any YouTubers and commentators out there can use the font for editing in post of their video and/or creating a custom rust looking thumbnail. The font is completely free for use you don’t need to credit me for anything! =) Happy Editing!


Font ->

The reason for there not being a font readily available is because I made this one especially for the logo, you can download it here ( if you want to use it for anything.

Nice work though.

Use [t] [/ t] insteadd of the img tag for pictures that big!

Anyway, it looks nice, worth a dowload.