Custom Scoreboard Animations

I’m trying to get the ranks to flash on my scoreboard, using the math.abs+math.sin function(s)

Pretty much wanting to do the same thing to the rank (in this case [Owner] ) as im currently doing with the background bar.

[preview of bar]

trying to use this:
[lua] self.Rank:SetTextColor( Color(255,255,255,math.abs(math.sin(CurTime()*4)*255)) )

//whats currently working for the box

	draw.RoundedBox( 4, 0, 0, w, h, Color(30,30,30,math.abs(math.sin(CurTime()*6)*255)) )



So what’s the problem? You have achieved what you wanted.

He wants just the “[Owner]” text to flash.

Use draw.SimpleText instead of DLabel.