Custom SENT not showing up

Hey guys,

I am trying to make a gamemode right now and I have a huge problem. I created a custom SENT and loaded up Gmod to test it and it doesn’t show up in the entities menu. I tried using “ent_spawn testentity” and it didn’t work either. I copied and pasted a the sample SENT on the wiki without editing it and that still didn’t work. I have the entity in this folder…


I just tried using a chat command to spawn the entity and it said something along the lines of “Tried to use a null entity”. Any ideas?

Well obviously the entity doesn’t exist. What files do you got in your prop_outline folder?
Do you get any error related to the entity on startup?

ent_spawn prop_outline will spawn it. The name you use to spawn it goes by the folder name, not by the name you set in the lua

In my prop_outline folder I have the cl_init, init, and shared. Here is the code I used

Also, dont use the chat command to spawn it, it may be be causing complications, the error seems like it might be coming from the chat command addon.

and as i said before, use the name of the folder, not the name you set in shared.lua

Well I was just using the chat command to get a debug error. I tried to reinstall Gmod and it still isn’t working. I can’t remember if I tried to download a skeleton entity and trying that so I will do that ASAP. If you have any other ideas that would help a lot. I am pretty lost…

I figured it out… It turns out the wiki example was missing the “ENT.Spawnable= true” at the end of the shared file. Thanks for all the help though.

ENT.Spawnable shouldn’t affect the entity in any other way than that it doesn’t exist in the Sent’s tab on the Q menu.