Custom Shipments DarkRP

This is a example of my shipments.lua file in darkrpmodifcation. I enjoy this one line shipment code, but theres a problem, I would like categories. As far as i know there is no proper way to add a category to a AddCustomShipment() Line. Is there another way i can do this and if so can i please have a example as well. Thanks!

AddCustomShipment("Classic Wine", "models/FoodNHouseholdItems/winebottle1.mdl", "WineClassic1", 7500, 10, false, 123, false, {TEAM_BARTENDER})
AddCustomShipment("Classic Wine Single", "models/FoodNHouseholdItems/winebottle1.mdl", "WineClassic1", 750, 1, true, 750, true, {TEAM_BARTENDER})

Boy, you think i don’t think to search for these questions. I do and this is my last resort 99% of the time and yet this is the only place i find answer. I could of course use…

DarkRP.createShipment("Santa CandyCane", {
    model = "models/griim/foodpack/candycane.mdl",
    entity = "xmas_candy",
    amount = 10,
    price = 100000,
    separate = true,
    pricesep = 10000,
    noship = false,
    category = "SantaSpecial",
    allowed = ChristmasSpecial,
	sortOrder = 1,

But its to big and bulky, i enjoy one line code and it makes it much easier to sort in a file. So please don’t be rude when i ask for help on a forum that is meant for players to come to for developer help. -.-

This forum that is meant for developers, as you so beautifully stated, is meant for developers.

So if you actually did a search, you would have seen this as your first result.

If you enjoy the one-liners, create your own custom function that interprets the tables.

Also, can you further elaborate? What do you mean by one liner? Can you post the code that works currently and an example of how you want it to work?

Make your own wrapper that translates it to the table format. I believe AddCustomShipment is deprecated and shouldn’t be used. Here’s an example for ammo:

local function AddDefaulammotypeType( ammo, damagetype, tracer, plydamage, npcdamage, maxcarry, force, flags, minsplash, maxsplash )
	AmmoNames[ ammo:lower() ] = {
		dmgtype = damagetype,
		tracer = tracer,
		plydmg = plydamage,
		npcdmg = npcdamage,
		maxcarry = maxcarry, -- Max carry is overwritten in Garry's Mod to always be 9999
		force = force,
		flags = flags,
		minsplash = minsplash or 4,
		maxsplash = maxsplash or 8

AddDefaulammotypeType("AR2",DMG_BULLET,TRACER_LINE_AND_WHIZ,0,0,60,BulletImpulse(200, 1225, 3.5),0)