custom Shipments with new class wont work!! DARKRP

ok here is the shipment thing tell me what i did wrong

AddCustomShipment("Shotty", "HLServer/cstrike/models/weapons/w_shot_m3super90.mdl", "weapon_mad_m3", 2000, 10, true, 1, true, {TEAM_ARM}, "HLServer/hl2/models/items/item_item_crate.mdl")

AddCustomShipment("Ak47", "HLServer/cstrike/models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl", "weapon_mad_ak47", 2200, 10, true, 1, true, {TEAM_ARM}, "HLServer/hl2/models/items/item_item_crate.mdl")

AddCustomShipment("Awp", "HLServer/cstrike/models/weapons/w_snip_awp.mdl", "weapon_mad_awp", 3000, 10, true, 1, true, {TEAM_ARM}, "HLServer/hl2/models/items/item_item_crate.mdl")

AddCustomShipment("Mp5", "HLServer/cstrike/models/weapons/w_smg_mp5.mdl", "weapon_mad_mp5", 1700, 10, true, 1, true, {TEAM_ARM}, "HLServer/hl2/models/items/item_item_crate.mdl")

and the ARM class is

TEAM_ARM = AddExtraTeam("Arm's Dealer", Color(2, 67, 121, 255), "models/player/monk.mdl", [[Sell guns to anyone who pays.]], {"hl2_combo_fists"}, "arms", 1, 50, 0, false, true)

shipments wont show up in the entities/weapons page :"C please help me

also ingame it will go

WARNING: The model of shipment Mp5 is incorrect! can not create custom shipment!

but only for mp5…