Custom skin

Can someone make a player model and npc for my videos ill give full credit for them in each video or in desc. i use it so features: Hood up and down (, black jeans (, gloves (, mike (group1_male07), and rebels cap

Hopefully this isn’t too much :l
P.M. me the link when your done and you can post a picture but please don’t upload it to or something like that

Why not?
Or did you pirate gmod?

no i didn’t you can see on my profile (i just don’t want it uploaded because i’m hoping to like actually have good vids and become famous on youtube and if someone wants to act me out they will have to go through the work that someone hopefully will go through for me) scratch that out

Thats basically a personal skin so i dont think anyone would do it without being paid.

yeah a lot of people don’t like when the requester wants something for his own use, and wont share to the public.

Who-ever thinks this wont get done, say “I”

You do know that all those links are other people’s personal skins right

Thats true, and unless they allowed you to use it, which i highly doubt, tough luck buck-o!

Well i guess it can be uploaded to now will someone do it Please :D.
Plus you’ll still get credit in each video

okay um how about these links: Hood (, Jeans left picture 5 to the right (, gloves (2 to the left last link’s picture) and just normal citizen shoes. I can change change them to sneakers easily if you don’t want to do the gloves i can do it myself for whoever will do it :slight_smile:

D0en it!! tk me 2 secs.

May you post or send a picture please or were you joking?

He was joking. Now :frog:.

Can someone do it or show me please