Custom skins for a movie

Hey is there anybody here that could make some skins for the heavy and the sniper for a movie im makeing.

I basiclly need skins that look like theyve been torn around abit (the movie is set in the post apocalyptic badlands )
But yeah contact me if anyones interested for more info

For Post Apocalyptic, do you mean something like this?

Or this for snipers?

The mad max one wit hthe leather jacker would be awesome . Though could you possibly use the better phys ragdolls so its easier for me to move them ?

You might want to ask a good modeler about that stuff, I’m not really that good, but I will try and find packs to help you out.

Well shouldnt be that hard just type in tf2 ragdoll and they should be right there the only selection all ya gotta do is apply the skin to those ragdolls instead of the regular TF2 ones

If it’s not that hard and you know how to do it, why don’t you do it yourself?

I dont know how to do it otherwise i wouldnt be asking here .
I assume that if he knows how to apply it to one kind of a model he knows how to do it to others

Um…no, it’s not as simple as that, but it is easy. Just follow these tutorials:

I gots mostly props, but’ll do for now.

This guy has models

I just need 2 uniqe skins D: one for the heavy and one for the sniper

But i need them applied to these models because they are easier to pose