Custom skins - map based?

I have seen this done for Sven - coop. athough im not sure if this is ONLY achievable on goldsource. but, what i hope to find out is if i can have a model that already exists on half-life 2 have a reskin without replacing the actual texture. so if i coul.d reskin a door prop or something but not replace the actual skin, just set up a temporary one for the player to view while only playing that map. i hope i made it clear enough what i hope to get answered. please no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ simple answers, explain!

textures in the BSP override the Originals

this sounds promising, does this mean i can have a prop in the map eg the explosive barrel, and a custom texture added to it via packrat and it will temporarily override the original, resulting in a custom, non game - fucking prop, so i dont end up with a bunch of angry gamers?

you could also model your own (if you have any modeling skills at all) with a custom texture and pakrat that. It’s simple to make it explosive, just add the same properties in the info tab to your qc when compiling.

sorry i didnt m ake myself quite clear enough ^^ im trying to texture the explosive barral and a few npc’s for that map only. seen it dont on a map called ‘central bunker’ for sven coop (its one of my favorite maps!)

Should work if you just bspzip them into the map.

To be more detailed: First of all the source engine uses the texture in the BSP if available. Then it searches for it in the folders and if there’s none too, it’ll use the default texture from the GCF.

that’s quite neat! ill be sure to remember this!