Custom Skins on a gun! PLEASE HELP!

OK so I coded a SWEP of a custom gun. Everything works but I want to add a custom skin to it. Now this gun is going to be in a custom class on an a server that will only be used by me. Is there a way to add the skin to my gun model and that skin show up in the online server when I use it? Please help I need this ASAP. Thank you in advance!

just replace the filename in the code of whatever weapon base you ripped off
probably mad cows or sim base, correct?

of course, this is assuming you’ve hexxed the models and textures


OK. I added the skin to the CSS AK47 model and it shows up on single player. But will it show up on an online server?

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This is the tutorial I followed on how to add the skin.

wait I don’t think he said anything about hexxing
yeah you know I’m not going to help you with this