Custom skybox cubemap issues

So in this map I’m making I have a custom skybox texture (it’s actually from L4D2). When I’ve changed something in the map, I’ll load it up in-game and I’ll get this:[/media]

The pink & black water texture is custom, but the metal texture (the pink one) is not.

Now, the most reasonable solution for these problems is to build the cubemaps, right?

True, building the cubemaps does fix the physical brushes, the images it takes for the cubemaps are of the pink & black version, so I end up with something like this:

^See the pink-ish colour of the roof reflected in the water?


So it’s still reflecting the pink & black version. Is there any way to fix this without simply changing the skybox texture?

  1. mat_specular 0
  2. buildcubemaps
  3. mat_specular 1

Hahaha, I’ve been doing it the stupid way all this time!


Cheers :v:

Worked great. Thanks. :buddy: