Custom Skybox Texture is not Working

Hey, I’m having a problem with a custom skybox texture I created, the texture doesn’t render in-game. Instead, it looks as if I used the nodraw texture instead - it gives that hall of mirrors effect, and it doesn’t cast environment light. I’ve checked through the .vmt files and it all seems fine, and even in the Texture browser the textures display fine.

Download is available here, feel free to use it for anything you want:

Did you put it inside of your materials\skybox folder?

What did you set the sky properties to?

I did put it in the materials/skybox folder.

And what properties? Sorry, I don’t have much experience with making skyboxes.

map>map properties

Skybox name

Yep, done that too.

No what did you put in


Set it to space_

Thanks, that worked. Give me boxes for making such as stupid mistake.

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