Custom skybox textures?

I have never used photoshop before… And I dont have the 99$ for Terragen. I want to make a custom skybox texture for my map and I cannot find a tutorial anywhere that will give me a good enough amount of information, can someone please explain to me how I may make a custom skybox for use with Hammer with running GMod?

that took me less than a minute to find

Well if you watch the whole video this is not what im looking for I have watched this vidoe, I know how to download skyboxes I want to make my own though. Thanks anyway

Learn how to texture an inverted sphere in a modelling program and render out 6 directional views with 90 degree FoVs.

Alright well I almost had it all done I decided to try it myself and got pretty far… but! I am not getting the help I need sooo im just going to post the photo I would like to be made into a 3D SKYBOX FOR GARRYS MOD. And if someone would be kind as to make the skybox and repost the files for me, that would be so very much appreciated.

That’s the first you’ve mentioned of 3d skyboxes. Completely different to a skybox texture.
I’d recommend going and making a tonne of random projects in Hammer, slowly honing your overall mapping skills, because you can’t ask someone else to make half the visible area of your map each time you want a nice environment.

He means he wants to make that photo into an environment map I think. You ain’t gonna have much luck with that unless you have a complete panorama.

Well I am confused on these different things I guess. When you are making a skybox in hammer editor, you can change the skybox ?texture? by clicking on Map>Map Properties and typing in the name of the skybox you want to use, the ones within the games folders of course. Well I want to use that picture I posted and make a new skin, texture, 3d skybox, 2d skybox whatever it is for my map. So I want that picture as my skybox, and I cant find a tutorial that is specific and has all the details I need. That is my question worded to the best of my knowledge of hammer. I have made well over a dozen maps and I am finally going to make one and publish it but I have never done any custom textures or custom skyboxes or anything, I am pretty well knowledged with hammer but this is something I am very stumped on.

Get me a panoramic photo of that area and I’ll make a 2d skybox for you.

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360 degree

Yea I cant find one, I just want a damn skybox environment with a city and mountains behind it, but I cannot find one. I think im going to try the sky_camera projection thing and make my own skybox within hammer.

Well… I just did a demonstration of this here:

This covers both 2d sky textures and 3d skyboxes. Enjoy.

Is 3Ds Max recommended rather than Source SDK, Hammer Editor? Id like to continue to use hammer just because I have spent countless days learning about it and I dont really want to have to do that again with a different program if it is going to be just as complicating.

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Is 3ds max just for animating? I have heard of it but never used it. Im guessing you cant make a map for gmod with it?

3DS Max does 3D Modelling and animation, it isn’t a map editor (it can be for some engines, but not source)

That actually isn’t true. You could have been using 3ds Max and the plugin Convexity to create Source levels for years.

Since this year, Wall Worm is also a VMF Exporter.

That’s going to depend on who you ask. My answer is yes, but that is because I know 3ds Max so well (and Hammer too). If you have a deep understanding of 3ds Max and Source, then Max offers far more flexibility and creative freedom. Here is a little more on this topic.

Feel free to use whatever works best for you, whether Hammer, Max or another. I would venture to say that a few days learning an app doesn’t really mean much, especially in 3D and game design… because if you are serious you are going to continue to need to learn for months and even years if you want to become a true master of the artform.

Already answered… but clarifying. No, Max is for every aspect of every type of 3D. And yes, you can make levels for Gmod in it.

Thankyou very much wallworm. You are a fantastic help. My dream job is 3d game animation, making games and stuff so this sounds like an excellent place to start. So thankyou very much I will attempt to learn Max

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Can you link me towards some good tutorials for starting 3Ds please. And if you will any plugins and/or programs I need to make a map for a valve game like gmod.

For tutorials, just use Google and/or Youtube. I may not be the best resource since the videos I search for anymore are usually advanced topics or specific techniques. Autodesk also has a lot of learning material with Max.

As for necessary plugins for Source, get Wall Worm . But I wouldn’t go crazy downloading too many plugins to start with… I’d focus on learning the basic interface. Then, as you learn more about Max, you can look for specific solutions in plugins ( great resources are Max Plugins and Scriptspot) or you can even build your own scripts/plugins.

Alright if im trying to get my garrys mod material files into 3ds max with the material generator tool where can I get the raw gmod materials to create a .mat file. Everytime I select the garrys mod materials folder and click “create” I get this error --Runttime error: Error opening bitmap: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps wiztidaxemurdara\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\

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Nevermind I found a thread on your website that fixes the problem

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Okay I do need your help… I did as your thread said “make sure that all your VTF files have been converted to TGA files. You can use VTFEdit for that.” and the wall worm plugin says this when I try to create the .mat file “No VMTs found in the specified directories… no Material Library generated.” now you cant convert vtf to vmt can you? or tga to vmt? Im stumped

The material library generator requires that you have a collection of VMTs and TGA files (representative of the VTFs) all in directories mirroring the directories of a mod. You can use GFCScape to extract all the VMTs and VTFs into a folder somewhere on your computer (like c:\materials or whatever) and then use VTFEdit to convert all VTFs to TGAs. Then run the material library generator on the enclosing materials folder. The conversion to TGAs is required in Max 2013 because Wunderboy hasn’t yet updated the VTF plugin for Max.

The VMTs are required for the process because they are the files that contain all the rules for the materials (like what the diffuse, bump, illumination, nocull, etc)… which is why you need both the bitmap texture and the VMTs.

Of course, my own process is usually to create my own materials from scratch inside Max. I’ve included the material library generator mostly for those who want to use the default Source materials… but I think it adds more flavor to create your own.

Alright so youre telling me I need VMTs and TGAs of the VTFs I have? I easily converted all my VTFs from Garry’s Mod into TGA format and put those in a folder called materials.tga. So I now have a folder full of all the VTFs called materials.vtf and then a folder full of all the TGAs called materials.tga. Now I just need the VMTs correct? I just dont know how to get the vmts I have no clue at all. I have looked it up, GCFScape didnt give me any options to even open any of my VTFs or TGAs. And of course VTFEdit wouldnt convert them to TGAs. I plan on creating my own textures but first I need the source textures. Alright just to clarify, I have all of the VTFs from Garry’s Mod that I would like to import into 3Ds Max, I have converted all of them to TGAs, so I now have a folder full of VTFs and a different full of TGAs of the same files. But attempting to import the materials from either folders into 3Ds Max gives me the error “No VMTs found in the specified directories… no Material Library generated.” I have no idea of how to get VMT files and I have searched the internet all over. Sorry for being a pain im just really confused.

Depending on how many textures you’re talking about… you can always just add your TGAs to Materials in Max manually. Apply them to the diffuse bitmap of a Standard Material in Max. If there are only a few… it’s probably easiest.

If there are a lot… then to use the Mat Lib Generator… you will need the VMTs … and the only way to get those (if they are part of a GCF file) is to extract them with GCFScape … there is a way to extract files in there. I haven’t done it often and don’t know off the top of my head… but just fiddle around in it (pressing buttons, menus and right-clicking to find the option–that’s how I figure things out :slight_smile: ).