Custom Sound Limits

What are the limits/specs for using custom sounds in hammer?

Not quite sure I understand your question.

They have to be in .wav format and as far as I know they can be as long as you want.

Also, please post in the question thread rather than making new threads.


Well, since the topic is here…I had the .wav at 88kbps and it worked, but when I made it 320kbps it didn’t

i think you just messed something up, since there are over 1MB sounds used in HL2. but theyre mp3. dunno if thats the problem.

Well from what I read .wav should work at any size/quality but idk


*** Invalid sample rate (24000) for sound ‘010.wav’.

The sample rate has to be a multiple of 11,025 Hz

so, good choices would be:

11,025 Hz
22,050 Hz
44,100 Hz

Thanks ^-^

This is useful.