Custom sound loops with EmitSound while it should not

Not exactly Lua related, but since that’s for a SWEP I need for my gamemode, I guess I’ll post here. I ripped a .wav sound from Worms Armageddon, for use as a shooting sound for my SWEP, but for some reason, when I use it, it loops and never stops. I tried replacing that sound with a regular sound from HL2, and it works fine, so I’m guessing it comes from the sound file itself.
So is there anything in a sound file that defines whether the sound should loop or not? I tried editing it with GoldWave, because according to this article, you have to add “cues” to a sound for it to loop. But there isn’t any in my custom sound, and actually, it just looks like a normal sound file with nothing special.

Any idea why it loops?
Here is the sound file

Thanks in advance.

You have to either remove the que’s from the wav file or stop the soundwith Lua.

Good Reference:

// Start Sound
local snd = CreateSound( LocalPlayer(), “path/to/the.wav” )

// Stop after one play
timer.Simple( SoundDuration(“path/to/the.wav”), function(snd) if snd then snd:Stop() snd = nil end end, snd )

As I mentioned, there is no cue in my sound file.

Also, I know I can use sound patches, but I’d have prefered not to use that method, since the problem obviously comes from the sound itself.


There are some kind of flags in the sound file itself that sets when to loop, i have no idea how to edit/remove those things.

Hey I Remember that sound…

WA was my favorite game

its the sound from when you use the suicide weapon isint it?