Custom Sound questions

So I have a few questions about sound in Garrys mod, The first being is there any specific place in my custom gamemode’s folders where I can to put custom sound content?, Then how could I have it where everyone can hear the custom sound? and last if I wanted to use this sound would I have to put the sound directories in the name?

put it in sound?

and resource.AddFile(“path/ursound.wav”)
example: resource.AddFile(“sound/banned.wav”) <- put that in any serverside file

And if you want everyone to hear the sounds you can make a script that does that, or you can use lua_run, if only you want to hear it you can use play, e.g play banned.wav

resource.Addfile doesn’t seem to work when I put it in my init.lua file and where do I put my custom sound file?

It should work.

In my addon i have lua, resource, sound

I then put my sounds in sound, then in my resources.lua i have resource.AddFile(“sound/banned.wav”)

And i assume you put them in content/sound?

and for the record its not resource.Addfile its resource.AddFile, lua is case sensetive.

its not a addon… Its a gamemode

It works pretty much the same way?

I just gave you a few examples on how i do it with my addon, do you want me to give you 100% detailed drawn map on how 2 install sounds to your gamemode?

Here’s an example of an addon that includes sound in the addon folder, and resource.AddFiles it…

You can put sound files in your gamemodes content folder ( make sure you resource.AddFile or resource.AddSingleFile each sound ): garrysmod/gamemodes/your_gm_name/content/sound/*

If you’re using FastDL ( or want to ):

Alright It seems to have downloaded now but I can’t seem to get the sound plating here is my code:


and in the client console it says:

 Failed to load sound "garrysmod\gamemodes\war\content\sound\celebrate.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository

Im pretty sure its because you aren’t suppose to put the entire path. for example:


If you had celebrate.wav in another folder in the sound folder then it would look like:


Yea I have tried that and it comes up with same error, One thing that might be wrong is that im running this in a serverside file so could that be something?

You would have to use this instead:

just set the position of the sound to ply:GetPos(). I’m not quite sure if this will work though.

its still coming up with the same error

Don’t use Sound( ); just pass in the string of the sound location. sound/ and anything before it is omitted.

Entity:EmitSound( “vo/npc/female01/goodgod.wav” );

Try typing this in console: play vo/npc/female01/goodgod.wav

This is still not working so I will try to be very descriptive, The Sound is in Mygamemode/content/sound/celebrate.wav , This is my code in init.lua:

function Lifetimer(ply)
timer.Create("Alivetimer", 30, 1, function() umsg.Start("Life", ply)
	umsg.End() ply:Give("weapon_rpg") ply:EmitSound( "content/sound/celebrate.wav" ) end)
if ply:Alive() then return false 
	else timer.Stop("Alivetimer")


And I get the same error:
Failed to load sound “content\sound\celebrate.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository

You dont have to put content or sound in the file path.

ply:EmitSound( "celebrate.wav" )

If you use the play console command, you’ll find that “play celebrate.wav” will play, or give an error ( can’t find file, or file is not 41000Hz or so )

Yea I can’t play it through console I get this error:
Failed to load sound “celebrate.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository

Then it didn’t download properly. If you use FastDL, it is possible to have the file download into a completely wrong directory. Make sure you follow this: