Custom sounds and sound emitters help

I recently built a small boombox with Wiremod. I put custom music in the sound file for Garry’s Mod. I then learned that other players were not able to hear the sound emitters. Someone said that it is because they don’t have the file but I may be able to do something with E2. Now I have a little experience with Expression 2. However, I don’t know if it would actually be possible to allow other players to hear the custom sounds with E2. If you have an information that could prove useful please post it below.

I have checked there. I didn’t find anything that helped, nor am I able to make a post to which I do not know why. So my last hope seems to be here.

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I have. Still it seems as though nothing is different. We seem to be drifting off topic here.

Do you own gmod?


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All of the sudden the new post button is there… So I posted this question there too.