Custom sounds refuse to play.

My sounds are in the right directory
My sounds are the right format (44.blah blah KHZ WAV)
My sounds are refered to properly in script files.

Yet when I try and use them in a map, it just says “blahblah.wav” could not be found, probably a problem with your repository. I’ve got no idea how to fix this, anyone have any ideas :(?

Did you set start and end cuepoints for them?

I’m not sure, it’s not a looping sound. I thought I didn’t need them?

I thought so too, but WAV sounds need them. MP3 files don’t, however. You’ll need this

left 4 dead? you have to rebuild the soundcache for each new sound. dont ask me how, i cant remember.

Not L4d, custom mod. BTW I moved a sound from insurgency in and that didn’t play either :expressionless:

Oh yeah it also flips out over certain codecs, unless you plan on using uncompressed audio.