Custom sounds won't play

I’ve been trying to add custom Jihad sounds to the pointshop, the code works for if you have the item equipped the Jihad sounds and if not it plays the default sound. The problem I’m having is that I uploaded the sound file to the server and FastDL and the sound file still won’t play on the Jihad or on the server itself if I use the ulx playsound command. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I’ve also tried using sound.Add() but it still does not work.

Location of the sound file in the server files: garrysmod/sound/jihad/ohgodplsno.wav
When I use the playsound command it shows “[LC ULib ERROR] Received invalid sound”

Code for the sound.Add() I tried
sound.Add( {
name = “ohgodplsnojihad”,
channel = CHAN_WEAPON,
volume = 1.0,
sound = “jihad/nogodplsno.wav”
} )