Custom sounds

Custom sounds. I am able to use them in hammer, pakrat them and they work correctly in single player. However, when I host a map with my custom sounds on a dedicated server, they won’t work. At all. What’s going on here?


The only reason they work on single player is because you already have the sound files so of course you can hear them. You didn’t pak them correctly.



He just said he pakrat’d them in.

Drumdevil, you need to use WAV audio files that are 11khz/22khz/44.1 in either 8 or 16 bit audio. If any of them loop over and over, you need to set cue points for the sounds using Goldwave.

Just because he claims he pakratted them doesn’t mean he did it correctly. Sorry for assuming that someone that doesn’t know how to use custom sounds may actually not know how to pakrat as well.

I never had problems with pakrat. The sounds do work in single player. That is not because i have them in the EP 2 folder. When i remove them from the EP 2 folder, they still work. So you can asume they are pakratted correctly.

Ill try to figure out some more. Thanks for the replies!


It works now. I ended up reinstalling my server. That solved the problem.