Custom soundscapes in Garry's Mod: broken (again)?

Last thread on this was from 2014, so here’s a relevant one.

I’ll keep this simple.

Previously, custom soundscapes could be implemented in multiple ways; the simplest (that I knew of) was to just slap a modified soundscapes_manifest that referenced your soundscape(s) in scripts and tada, it worked.

Soundscapes in Gmod were updated on August 20th, as per

The file structure was changed slightly.

Long story short, even with the edited file structure accounted for, custom soundscapes don’t seem to load anymore.

Anyone got any info on this?

I don’t think its a good idea to use custom soundscapes because there is only 1 manifest file for the whole game. If there is another mapper who thought this was a good idea too, your manifest scripts would conflict.

But, about your soundscapes, you will need to edit the updated manifest and add something like:


"file"		"scripts/soundscapes/soundscapes_smashballs.txt"

The soundscape format isn’t changed really.

Here is a soundscape video by the all legendary TopHATTwaffle

I hope this helps!

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Btw, I would download TopHATTwaffle’s tutorial soundscape files, it comes with “ungodly” useful things for soundscape creation

Sorry for not being more specific, but I did include the “file” “scripts/soundscapes/soundscapes_blahblah.txt” in the soundscapes_manifest.txt file, but the soundscapes don’t seem to load anymore (they did prior to the update).

The format of the soundscape files themselves were not altered that I can tell, but again, despite editing soundscapes_manifest, no dice.

On the subject of custom vs. default soundscapes, many people will argue for or against using them for the exact reason you specified (among others), but sometimes, you just gotta go outside of “default” IMO.

I’ve run out of time to fiddle with things for tonight, but I’ll have a look at that video and see if there’s any useful info in there. Thanks for the input.

Yeah no problem, if you need further assistance just let me know, and I will see what I can do. Honestly though, that video should set you up, for it did me just a couple of days ago (but like I mentioned, I just didn’t like that global manifest script, I so wish there was multiple or none what so ever!).

Alright, at this point I’m stumped. I did have a look at the video, however it deals with scripting a soundscape from scratch, which I didn’t do. I simply edited and renamed an existing soundscape, and given that it worked prior to the update, I can’t see it being a script issue. I also triple-checked all the filenames and paths, and the proper soundscape files are referenced in soundscapes_manifest with the format:

"file"           "scripts/soundscapes/soundscapes_test01.txt"
"file"           "scripts/soundscapes/soundscapes_test02.txt"

The only thing I can think of is that perhaps Gmod’s default soundscapes_manifest within the VPK is overriding my edited file somehow. That said, what’s the simplest way to force mine to override (if it’s even possible to do this for scripts)?

I don’t know if this is the easiest way, but it should work if you embed your soundscape manifest into the BSP. This way it will override the global manifest, but only while your map is running. (This also means that existing soundscapes won’t be available unless you include them in your custom manifest.)

You can then put your custom soundscapes into your GarrysMod/garrysmod/scripts directory and edit them from there. When releasing your map you’ll probably want to embed the custom soundscapes into the BSP too, since GMad blacklists .txt files when creating addons (last time I used it, anyway).

Keep in mind that the soundscape files need to be embedded in the ‘scripts’ directory within the BSP, since the directory structure mirrors that of the game. Using BSPZIP (in your GarrysMod/bin directory), you can do this with the following command:

bspzip -addfile "C:\path	o\your\map.bsp" "scripts/soundscapes_manifest.txt" "C:\path	o\your\soundscapes_manifest.txt" "C:\path	o\your\map.bsp"

There are also GUI-based tools that can probably do this more easily, but I have no experience with those.

You should try to avoid overriding soundscape manifests, why not use the “soundscapes_mapnamehere.txt” format ?

Nice, I didn’t realize this worked. That’s definitely a lot easier. Disregard my previous post then (although the file embedding may still apply).