Custom 'SoundScapes' without all the hassle?

I have only promptly tried to toy around with the Sound Emitter, but it doesn’t seem to be what I am looking for.
I am looking for a Tool or Object that will play a specific sound, looped, and fade out when you get too far away. Big bonus if you can change the ‘distance’ of the sound.
Also bonus if it doesn’t need one of those numpad button-switch things to work. (I like to use those for something useful)
I only looked into this briefly, but I haven’t been able to find much on Google. Any ideas?

I have seen ways to make some sounds work yourself via lua or something. But I would rather, if I can, find a tool to do it for me. Because I’m not very smart :stuck_out_tongue: It is fine if I have to edit a ‘list’ or something for my custom sounds to work however, thats simple enough for me.

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