Custom "spawnicon"

Hey guys, I wanna make my own “spawnicon” or modelviewer for my gamemode.
Is it even possible without using DModelPanel? <- I can’t set skins for this :confused:


Yes this is possible :slight_smile: This is a quick tutorial on using Spawn Icons like the ones you see inside of the Sandboxes SpawnMenu. :smiley:

He is asking to create a custom spawn icon control, not a spawn icon itself.

How do you know? All he said was this “I wanna make my own “spawnicon””. I posted how to make one.

Whatever you bolded proves my point. If you want to make a model viewer for a custom model just use that model inside DModelPanel i’m sure you cannot use anything else from what I know exists on the wiki for Gmod Lua.

Yes, I wanted to make my own spawnicon so with different background and extra informations and things like that. My problem with DModelPanel is that you can’t set skin for it.

You can change thr skin of the model on your DModelIcon by doing: