Custom Spawnlist Help! (Spawnlist objects with bodygroups)

I know how to edit the spawnlist text files, which is how I have objects with custom skins in my spawnlist, but I can’t find out how to make bodygroups apart from setting “body” to something!
I’ve tried setting it to “1”, “100000000”, “000000001”, the name of the bodygroup; Nothing works! What do I set it to?:rollout:


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I wonder if that feature even exists anymore:hiddendowns:

You can right click on the spawn icon in-game and select “Edit Icon” I think, it will allow you to choose skins and bodygroups, which is then applied to your spawnlist.

Do not forget to press “Save Changes” in top left corner of spawnmenu ( button appears under the search bar when some changes were made ) to save your changes so they stick around after restarts, etc.

Same goes for spawnicon positions, etc.

That worked, thank you!:joy: