Custom Spawnmenu

Hey guys
I’m making a custom spawn menu for my gamemode. I’m using spawn icons of course and a table for all the models that need to appear in the spawn menu. However if i want to add all of Useful Props and then PHX stuff thats an awful lot of looking model names and copying them. Is there a way where i can just use a table that lists the directories of the props and then use my code to add it to their respective categories rather than having a table that lists every single individual prop?

Thanks in advance.

Sure you can

you have try out addprop

Oh and the Table. You could do it like:
list.Set( “SpawnmenuModel”, “models/test.mdl”, {} )
list.Set( “SpawnmenuModel”, “models/test2.mdl”, {} )

and read it out with list.Get(“SpawnmenuModel”)

I hope that is useful

Thanks for the reply, helped me twice now, its working fine

I love to Help