Custom SpawnMenu

I want to create a Custom SpawnMenu. So the User Can choose where he wants to spawn.
I Thought that will looks like :

And works like. That i Get the Positions from the Picture. And save it in a ClietConVar
The Server read that out and Spawns the Player there.
I Started Coding now since a month i Think. But i have no Idea How to to that Thing.
I hope someone have a Small “Vision” that can Help me.

Ohfuck. Your capitalisation hurts my eyes.

Anyway, I like the idea. I think what you want is like this…

On the server:
datastream.Hook(“SpawnHere”,function(ply,hand,id,enc,dec) ply:SetPos(dec) end) – This sets the player’s pos wherever they want

hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”,function(ply) datastream.StreamToClients(ply,“MenuPopup”) end) – This makes the menu popup on their spawn[/lua]

On the client…
datastream.Hook(“MenuPopup”,function(hand,id,enc,dec) CallMenu() end) – This is so the menu always comes up on spawn

datastream.StreamToServer(“SpawnHere”,Vector(0,0,0)) – This line would go in your SetSpawnButton:DoClick() function, except the vector argument would be the pos you want to spawn at

My question for you is how did you get that bird’s eye view of the map? Is it a custom texture?

No. Camera Tool Noclip and a little Zoom :smiley: Oh You see a Barel in the Water :smiley:
Anyway. Thank you for your Answer.
I Post the Positions of the 4 Sides in the Pictrure
Top Left:-3055 -1903 256
Top Right:3055 5103 112
Bottom Left:1839 -1007 128
Bottom Right:1517 5103 32

The Problem is the Vgui. The Pic is Photoshopped So… I dont know Derma or Vgui. So… It would be cool if someone can help me.

I should be able to get your picture in there with the relevant buttons and what not but the actual functions that need to be executed are up to you, i’m not very good with that stuff.

The Image and the Button i can make Too. That’s not the Problem. But i need the Crosshair to choose, where you want to be spawned… I see that will be very hard to make D:

/Push :slight_smile:

/Helpin you to push cause I’m interested in this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea. Help D: please :smiley: