custom spawns broke all of a sudden

So for some reason my custom spawns have broke.

Originally I set the spawns up on the map and for some reason they stopped working so I thought it was a bug so I just re did the custom spawns.

But now it happened again after I uploaded a new jobs.lua file and removed some of the default weapons in the settings.lua , and now the jobs are I guess you could say switched up now.

As in my server is Star Wars Themed and the default job “Clone Recruit” should spawn in the training room on the map, but spawns in the engineering room.

Does anyone know where the custom spawns are saved too ?
Does anyone know what the problem is ?

If you add a job and it’s not at the very end, it all gets messed up. Instead of being attached to job names, they’re attached to what number they are in the list of jobs. Add jobs to the end of the file next time - for now you’ll have to either redo your spawns or hope that moving the new ones to the bottom wlil work.