Custom Spawns not working anymore in DarkRP

Okay so for some reasons the custom spawns in my DarkRP server have stopped working. Everyone just spawns in the same default place.

I’ve looked in the configs, and allow custom spawns is on. I’ve tried to remove the custom spawns for one job, and add a new spot for it, but when I suicided, I still respawned in the default spawn place.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Dont try and edit it yourself , and use the old code again

I didn’t edit the spawning code, that’s the problem.

I tried to do a little debug and made it print messages in chat when it tried to do something, and it seems to jam at the team spawn selection.

	if RPExtraTeams[ply:Team()] and RPExtraTeams[ply:Team()].PlayerSelectSpawn then
		RPExtraTeams[ply:Team()].PlayerSelectSpawn(ply, spawn)
		ply:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "Selecting spawn...")

I added a print to see if it did indeed select a spawn, but it didn’t show up.

Edit: Okay so after testing in singleplayer, it seems to be working. The only difference now is that it also gives me this:

	local CustomSpawnPos = DB.RetrieveTeamSpawnPos(ply)
	if CustomSpawnPos then
		ply:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "Finding spawn...")
		POS = CustomSpawnPos[math.random(1, #CustomSpawnPos)]

Basically, it says “Finding spawn…” when it spawns me to the right place, but on the server, it doesn’t give me that message, and I still spawn at the default place.

So the problem is still there… But on the server only. This is really confusing.

Okay, I tried reverting back to the default, unedited DarkRP

I tried taking out my SWEPs, ULX, and other addons.

I even deleted sv.db (or rather renamed) to start over with a brand new database.

None of that worked.

I’m getting really tired of this and there really doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem.

Honestly, it sucks but just format your server (delete all of the data for the gmod server and reinstall)

Could one of the sweps you installed affect one of the different files the server uses to run?