Custom survivor models from L4D2

So a friend of mine made some custom survivor models for L4D2, and has asked me to help him out with a banner displaying them using Gmod. However, I’m not sure how to get them to show in Garry’s Mod. I decompiled them with GCFscape to get the models and materials for them, but I don’t know what to do with them from there. Any help? They’re just kind of sitting in my addons folder at the moment.

Do you have GM_mount? If you’ve already done the addon part you should be able to override the default models by copying them to /addons/left 4 dead 2/etc…

Ah, here’s a quote from another thread that might help you.

You may need the GMmount anyway in case the models use assets from L4D2 not already included in the VPK (which is highly likely).

All right, I’ll give it a go with adding them into the actual Garry’s Mod folders instead of addons, but I had tried to create a manual info.txt as well as creating their own sub folders. I probably did it wrong though, heh. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try out Gmount. Appreciate the help.

EDIT: So I got it to spawn by adding it into the models folder directly, but it’s completely invisible. I attempted to fix it by creating .dx80.vtx and sw.vtx versions of the files, but it’s still invisible. Not checkerboarded like it can’t find the textures, but the model itself is entirely invisible. I can pick it up and toss it around, but can’t see it.

If they’re still invisible, you must be missing a .vtx file still. You need 4: dx90.vtx, dx80.vtx, sw.vtx, and a regular .vtx.

Aw cool :D! I made this big tutorial for how to create custom characters for L4D2 and I would be very interested in seeing what people have made. :smiley: A buddy of mine put up my characters and a bunch of other modder’s characters on his blog here: