Custom SWEPS! (Mad cow based)

Hi! My name is SKYTOP! I am completely new to GMOD swep coding. So I know that I shouldn’t be releasing this…But I am anyways :slight_smile: For the last couple of days.


                                                                                                             ***Custom Mad Cow Weapons!***

First of which, Credits go to to Worshipper for the amazing base!
GameBanana for all these Models! D:
Google for the sounds :slight_smile:
Anyone else I’m possibly missing!
1% to skytop for taking the time out of his worthless life to make these (or at least attempt).

So basically, these are SWEPs with the mad cow base…A base that I love and respect. I pretty much made all these in two days so I know they are crappy and not the best they can be. Criticism is much appreciated. The gun textures are extremely high so I know they are big sized.

If anyone would like to help me…Please contact my email ( I do need help with some reload sounds and other stuff I failed at miserably.

***The current pack has:
AS-50 Anti-Material Rifle
AutoMag .50
PP-19 Bizon
Jungle Camo M429
Remington model 8 auto-loader
M21 Tactical
Barrett M82A1
HK MP9 Silenced
Striker 12 Shotgun
Dual Tokarev Pistols

Hope you enjoy this pack. This is revision 1! So i know its “crap, stupid, late, not cool, and uncreative.” I tried my hardest coding lua for the first time and I think that this is something that will just get better over time. Here are some pictures :smiley:

ALMOST FORGOT D: the svn. Its big because I have all my future textures in it…

If you having problem with the svn, email me. (look up for it)

You’re using pretty old weapon base. If you’re gonna make new SWEP pack, then try decent weapon base or make your own weapon base.

Yeah, mad cow’s base is pretty old