Custom SWEPs Not working

Was never really good at starting off new threads, but anyway: also, if this is in wrong place sorry

Wanting to make my own weapons without fully knowing lua (even though it’s not hard)
i found " BoFC_SwepGen_2.1.6 " (flash swep making application) and made my own swep.

It worked, just how i wanted it to (the file was " shared.lua " and put in gmod\gmo\lua\weapons\my_weapon
well, i wanted another weapon to test out, so i made a folder for my swep and put the lua file in it
made a new folder, and put another shared.lua in it (the second weapon i made) so i have 2 folders with the lua file. Both of the lua files have SWEP.Category = " my category "

starting gmod, i found that neither of the weapons appeared.
I believe it was because both of them had the code in it
I need a swep base don’t I?

I took the shared.lua file out of my first swep folder, (leaving an empty folder) and the weapon appeared again

Is it because the files are in folders and the game doesn’t recognize the file paths?

Sorry if you didn’t understand anything i just said, I’m not a clear typer xP
Basically neither of them are showing up, what’s the problem? (Well, one of them is now because i moved the lua file out of the folder) (i will get a download link to see the code and stuff)


i found " BoFC_SwepGen_2.1.6 " (flash swep making application) and made my own swep

Asking for help when you used a SWEP generator reduces your chances of being helped by 10000%. But, because I’m nice, I’ll help you out.

Your problem is probably because your folders are located in /weapons/folder/<your weapon>.
It will NOT work if your weapons are in a subfolder of weapons. They both (weapon_pistol/weapon_rifle) need to be placed in the weapons folder.

Ahhh, i see what i did there.

But having 2 folders inside the lua\weapons
and having the lua code use the same category name, will they work?

And i know swep generators are very -noobish- indeed, but as of now i do not know lua enough to make my own sweps from scratch.
and this was a simple problem i did not know, and once i did maybe i would learn enough to stop being a noob and learn how to do it myself xP

Insofar as the folders have unique names, they will be treated as different SWEPs. If they have the same print name, well then they’ll probably show up twice.

Aight, tested it, i have the category in my weapon list, but only one of the weapon shows in it
the other appears in the “other” list along with laser pointer and man hack shooter etc.