Custom sweps odd world interaction (acting like a bobo doll)

So i am working with some custom sweps and they do some odd things when dropped, i was wondering if anyone had any idea how to fix this. Acting a bit like a bobo doll

please excuse the low fps

Looks like the collision model is wrong, is it based off of a pistol or something?

well they all have weapon_tttbase like anything else, but its literally just changing the models inside the lua sweps, so just changing SWEP.ViewModel and SWEP.WorldModel

Make sure the server has the models and that the models have the correct physics model.

You can do this in the model viewer in source sdk or ingame with the command “vcollide_wireframe 1” you can turn it off by setting it back to 0.

If the model has a blue mesh surrounding the gun its probably something to do with the lua… if the blue mesh looks completely different that’s your problem.

Depending on how you check the mesh may give you different results.

I have tried the vcollide_wireframe 1 command and it just seems to show the frames around props not entities… :’(