Custom Taunts

I was wondering if anyone could inform me how to add custom taunts, I do not know if this is the right spot for this thread so please do not ban me, I just got off my most recent ban. I have my own server so I need some info on how to do it. Thanks!

You haven’t mentioned the gamemode and the last few times I’ve seen this ‘custom taunt’ question it’s been for Prop Hunt and not Sandbox. More details?

Sorry it is for prop hunt.

What kind of taunts? Visual? Auditory? If visual, bind a key to an act command, assuming the prop hunt you’re using already has ACT implemented. If auditory, make a concommand that does sound.Play.

For prophunt, there are only audio taunts, which can be added in the config file in the gamemode folder.

Thats all I do for my server? I have tried so many different things and kept on coming up short.

Which prop hunt gamemode are you using?

Uhm the ulx one ( Is that what question you are asking?)

No; where did you get your prop hunt gamemode?

Online. I just followed a tutorial on how to do it do I need to get the link?

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Any help?

Here’s the file you’re looking for:

Just add sounds to the hunter/props taunt table.

For some reason that didnt work?

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I added the taunts to the Sound/Taunts folder and it still didn’t work after adding it into the table