Custom Texture help?

How do i add custom textures, i dont want to make my own. I’ve been looking around and do i really have to download GIMP or Photoshop and do all that crap, just to put in one texture? I want to put in a grass texture. I found one on google images, is that usable? Im a complete noob to this i know, but if you help me, thankyou.

I’m just going to copy and paste from my gmod community forum I posted something like this on.

That is the thread link.

If you hadn’t been so helpful to me the last week or so, Firegod, I would have to kill you :ninja:

Hey man, I discovered how to do this yesterday, so I may aswell share it… You need to download VTFEdit, and then open your image in photoshop or something. It has to be to a square of something, I think… So like, 512x512 or 256x256. Anyway, save it as a .TGA file and then open it in VTFEdit. Then you’re going to want to save it to a folder for whichever game you’re mapping on. (The second on the list when you open Source SDK) and drop it in the materials folder in a custom folder. So like, make a new folder and call it grasstexture and save it in as grasstexture.vtf. Then go to tools, create VMT, put the file directory in and press ok, reload hammer, and use the browse bar. Sorry if its nor clear. I only learnt yesterday and I’m trying to help out :slight_smile:

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:v: Luckly I remembered the thread I typed up a while back.

Thanks guys, i’ll probably use some customs for the house project im working on now :smiley: