custom texture help

hi, i need help on a texture im making and i need to know how to set it up, i already have the vtf and vmt done, but i get this problem -->
as you can see in the images, some of the textures are black, they are light mapped generic and on their own its fine, i have the env_sprites that they are projected from, and they are set in render mode -> ‘texture’, is this a problem??? anyway any suggestions or help on why this is screwing up would be great!


well noone has helped me but i figured out a good solution for a daytime map, i have made a simple unlitgeneric texture and set it as a texture render again, it works perfectly to my needs

Is that a model? If so then use VertexLitGeneric.

no I’m using normal textures as sprite projected textures (its a big forest and i don’t want to use any memory / CPU to compute it as it is behind glass because you are in a building)


my method worked fine because its out door, its all good now, please lock this thread!