Custom Texture on pre-made model.

I took one of the textures from a model and did some basic recoloring on it, and now i want to put it back into the game - but i do not want to overwrite the old texture. I have never done anything in terms of modeling/texturing so if this is too complicated to explain just tell me and ill drop it.

The main problem is - the weapon uses a SWEP code called SWEP.Skin to change the skins on it, and i am unsure on how to set my new texture to one of those .Skin values. Is it built into the model files?

SWEP.HoldType = "melee"

SWEP.Primary.Damage = 10
SWEP.Primary.Delay = 1
SWEP.UseHands = true
SWEP.Skin = 2

All of the weapons use the same model files, but have different skins/textures due to that SWEP.Skin value.

You can’t add a new skin for a model without recompiling it.

Is there a program I could use to attempt to do this? I’ve looked a couple things up on google but most of them were from years ago.

Your best bet is to ask on the modelling forums.

Oh i didn’t even see that, thanks for the redirect and the quick answers.