custom texture

I need help knowing were to put my custom .vtf, file file wise. All the videos I have watched dont even give me the directory or say to put it in a custom game mod folder or some stupid shit. I got it working once, for hammer to recogise it, but the texture was just the purple and black checker boxes.

Im using The EP1 engine with HL2.

So if anyone has anything that can help me, id be very grateful if indeed it works

the texture is a simple one used once for a square sign

no translucent parts to it. just the image and nothing else.

it depends what game your making it for lets say css you would put it in programfiles/steam/steamapps/(yourusername)/counter-strikesource/csstrike/materials/(make a new folder here and put it in this folder)

after that go into vtfedit and do file new. type this in

“$baseTexture” “(yourfolderincss)/(yourtexturename)”

and save it as whatever but what u save it as is what it will be called in hammer.


no problem anytime