Custom textures appear broken.

Sometimes I make custom textures for Hammer, and then I open up the texture browser and the texture is split in half and there’s what looks like rainbow digital noise or whatever in the bottom half of the texture.

Now when I apply it to brushes in Hammer and run the game. The texture looks perfectly fine in both the 3D view and the game. It just looks broken in the Texture browser.

I would just like to know how fix it for aesthetic purposes. Its ugly and unprofessional looking.

Can’t find a single thing about it on google.

I think it has to do with the texture lacking a mipmap, could also be caused by having “No LOD” property in the VTF.

I’ll bet that’s it! That effect always comes when I’m making signs, and I always turn LOD off for those so they’re legible to anyone with a Nerf computer.