Custom Textures Not Loading Correctly

Ok so, i had the textures working the first time i loaded them and started working on a map
I am new to the mapping process.
here is a screenshot of my issue.

I hope this is a simple fix, but one can wish.

Eitherway. Help out please. I’m making the map for CS:S and it’s the same textures used on the “ag_texture” map.

Did you move the textures and/or fuck up the vmt files some how?

i have them in cstrike/textures/custom textures

and i didn’t edit them from the download.

and re installed them multiple times

Post your *.vmt file.

it’s multiple.
And do you want like, file download or screenshot?

If you want a screenshot here it is, it’s not working with any custom textures

.vtf files can’t be placed anywhere in the materals folder. Open one of the .vmt files to check for proper placement under the materials directory.

I’m an absolute nub at this.
What do i use to edit the vmt files?

Where do texture files go, then?

Any text editor will work.

Under the materials directory. VMT files may go anywhere, but .vtf files must be in the location defined in the .vmt.

Oh, now I see what you were saying.

“$basetexture” “dev/dev_measuregeneric02”
//"$translucent" 1

Ok, so this is what i get when i open the file…
What do i do wif it?

Move the “dev” folder out from under “custom textures” and into the “materials” folder.

Try using VTFEdit to generate a .vmt file off the VTF, maybe?

Hey terren, could i get your steam?
I like quick chatting.

and when they are set in the materials directory they don’t show up under the texture browser at all…
This is all very strange because they worked the first time but after i opened the map again in Hammer, they disappeared

Restart Hammer or click “Reload” in the material browser.

Thank you very much for your help terren!!