Custom textures not working no matter what.

So I am making my first map, and I kinda need to use a custom texture. A writing for a memorial/statue.

I watched tutorial by 3kliksphilip

I tried different textures and none of them work. :suicide:
I am using the Source Multi - Tool and a custom config that uses HL2, HL2 EP1, HL2 EP2 and CS:S. I have no idea why it wont work.

Thank you if you can help. :slight_smile:

Post the .vtf and .vmt file.

not sure if link works:

what hammer are you using ? they work just fine with the hammer.exe in \common\GarrysMod\bin just make sure the .vtf and.vmt are in a folder called custom in the garrysmod materials folder :slight_smile:

Place them both in the Garrysmod Materials folder and in the Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer CustomConfig folder. So the path in Garrysmod would be Materials/custom/texture.vmt and the path in Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer would be CustomConfig/custom/custom_materials/materials/custom/texture.vmt