Custom Textures Pack

This is a pack of a couple of textures I made. These are my first textures ever in photoshop so please give C&C.
Blue Mosiac Tile

Blue Carpet
Red Plaster Wall
White Plaster Wall
Green Tile Floor
Blue Tile Floor
Wood 1
Wood 2
Wood 3

Here is the download:

Good job I really like Concrete and Wood 2! Ill try them in a game soon

This is very sexy You got my Download!

very clean

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it looks like you just sat in photoshop and spammed the various filters (especially the noise filter).
The only one that I’d consider using is the concrete.
I’d recommend using actual photos in the future.

Are these for map making or texture tool?

Well Myst, I read a tutorial that was saying don’t ever use a real image unless you are using opacity like dirt or scratches on a layer. Plus, like I said, this is my first time in photoshop.

These textures are for map making.

EDIT: Sorry if I sounded rude. I looked back at it and figured I didn’t mean it.

Did i install this wrong? I put bulltexes in source sdk content/ materialsrc / and i restarted hammer and source sdk twice and i type in bulltexes and even mosiac and nothing pops up. Sorry it’s my first time trying to install custom textures

put bulltexes in either garrysmod/garrysmod/materials, half life 2 episode 2/ep2/materials, half-life 2/hl2/materials, or counter-strike source/cstrike/materials. That way you can map it for any game. Even L4D if you like :slight_smile:

Thanks man!


Grass burns my eyes (waaaaaaaaay too bright), but the rest are great! Nice work.

No offense but they all suck.

A couple of them are okayish but most of them are just filter spam on photoshop. Keep working at it though.

They all look unrealistic and are just made with filter spam. They don’t even tile properly. Pretty useless release.

The only texture I like is the concrete one but I really like that one.

You could benefit from

use this website for all your base textures, you will get far better results.

Dont forget he used gradients too!

for most of these, a real pic might not be good, but don’t completely decide to never use them. they’re great for making metal and sometimes wood textures, and many other things too.