Custom Textures too cartoony?

I just was wondering what everyone thought about this texture, its a vinyl texture btw:

I am kinda a perfectionist so I of course think it looks pretty bad, but I want to get some more feedback.

I’m probably going to post any more textures i make that i think may be too cartoony.

Bright cyan color probably needs to be changed to a wood color :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that was fast :P, yea i was gonna change that later

make it lok slightly more darker and dingy.

The seams should blend more, that’s probably why it looks out of place.

okay, now i’m trying to make a cubemapped texture. here is what it looks like without any cubemap props in the .vmt:

And with the cubemap props:

Here is the vmt:

“$basetexture” “plaster/plaster_wall1”
“$bumpmap” “plaster/plaster_wall1_nrn”
“$surfaceprop” “Porcelain”
“$envmap” “env_cubemap”
“$envmapcontrast” “1”
“$envmaptint” “[.45 .45 .45]”

and while i’m posting…

the (kinda)new vinyl texture aling with other hl2 textures

^ The first picture in that post is very nice.

anyone got an idea why my problem with cubemaps is happening?

You built cubemaps?

yes i did, i even directly copied one of valve’s vmts with a cubemap, buts still no luck :frowning:

Try adding:

“$normalmapalphaenvmapmask” 1

Textures aren’t supposed to have bumpmaps and envmaps without using that parameter. If memory serves, that should fix it.

still nothing :C

Is it supposed to be _nrn? You could have miss typed the nrm, and placed nrn instead.

yea its supposed to be nrn, if its supposed to be nrm then i must have misheard that part of the tutorial :P.

It’s most likely “nrm” as “nrm” looks like a condensed version of “normal” to me.

well, i’m gonna leave the wall non-cubemapped, at least until someone finds a solution that works :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, heres the original vinyl texture i posted:

I think its starting to look pretty good now xD

Hmm not bad!

The color doesn’t really fit the area.

Yea the color is pretty much out of place but the texture looks very good. I wish i could make textures. I guess that’s what cameras are for in my case :smiley:

heres the 2 pics i used for reference when making this texture, the building design itself is mine though:

from the first pic u can probably tell the area is going to be a beach :stuck_out_tongue: