Custom Textures (VGUI, Huds, Derma menu skins - etc)

Lastnight I spent like 3 hours looking up tutorials, changing settings, trying different things, comparing my vmt’s to others, etc and I couldn’t get it to work. I’m trying to make my own textures/materials to draw on your screen (like hud, or draw on a derma menu)
And I couldn’t get it to work. I’m using an in-game file browser and the vmt/vtf is the same size and looks the same.

[img_thumb] [/img_thumb]

Can someone help me, or point me to a place where I can find out how to convert image files for use in drawing things clientside? (Not like, materials/textures for putting on a wall in hammer for example.)

  • PS I got photoshop and VTFedit *

post vmt file and folder structure please.

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Oh and the code.

Alright. Give me a sec.



local SKIN = {}
function SKIN:DrawGenericBackground( x, y, w, h, color )

surface.SetDrawColor( 10, 10, 233, 100 )
surface.DrawRect( x, y, w, h )

surface.SetDrawColor( 2, 2, 2, 200 )
surface.DrawOutlinedRect( x, y, w, h )

if LocalPlayer():GetNWFloat("class")=="Recon" then tex = surface.GetTextureID("test_gamemode/test_material_class_01.vtf") -- this doesn't.
else tex=surface.GetTextureID("vgui/class_portraits/all_class.vmt") end --This code works, (mat from tf2.)

derma.DefineSkin( “skin”, “insert generic skin description here?”, SKIN )


Not sure if it’s your problem, but **[Surface.GetTextureID](** states that the file extension should not be included.

Quote from that wiki page:

A texture file is located at garrysmod/materials/custom/my_texture.vtf You would then use the following piece of code to retrieve it:

hmm. But, the class_portraits/all_class work. Even with the extension.

edit: Yeah. I know :3. I think the problem is with settings or the actual image im making into the vtf+vmt.