Custom textures

this would be very helpfull could some one show or tell me the easyest way to make custom textures i got some images but just need to know how to get them into hammer ive tried other tutorails but i cant do code and also most of them programs i cant use what is the easyest way i can do this and what program if possoble?

If you have photoshop:
Save the file your working on as a .tga and open it in “Vtfedit”

then save it as a .vtf (File>Save) in your [username]/half - life
folder, for the sake of testing call it Work.vtf

then make a txt file and name it Work.vmt (W/O .txt extention) then open it with
notepad and write (or copy paste) the following code:

“$basetexture” “Work”

If you only have ms-paint:
your screwed get photoshop :slight_smile:
seriously you WILL need photoshop or at least some program
capable of saving to .tga format.

Note this tutorial is based souly on how I make textures.

thanks for the help

Ummm this is a nice little tutorial and all but the VTFedit.exe download you put up is currupted. Can I just use VTFtool.exe?

i can use it but dont know how oh well if some one can give me a detailed tutorail that would realy help

I can help you with the photoshop way which you can get a trial of anyways. I do it this way because those programs never work for me.

If you dont have it go here for a free trial of it.
You’ll have to make an account but it is free.

Heres how you do it once you have photoshop.

  1. Make a file with your texture and make sure the dimensions are powers of 2 i.e.2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 etc.

  2. Save the file as a .tga (targa)

  3. Go to valve\steam\steamapps\youraccountname\sourcesdk_content\hl2\materialsrc and make a folder there called customtextures.

  4. Move the .tga to that folder.

  5. Make a folder in valve\steam\steamapps\youraccountname\half-life 2\hl2\materials\ and call it customtextures.

  6. Drag the .tga onto vtex.exe in valve\steam\steamapps\youraccountname\sourcesdk\bin

  7. Now you will have the .vtf and an empty text document in valve\steam\steamapps\youraccountname\half-life 2\hl2\materials\customtextures

  8. Finally, open up the text document and paste this in it:

“$basetexture” “customtextures/insert texture name here”

  1. Save it as insert custom texture name here.vmt.

  2. Now open hammer and search customtextures/insertcustomtexturenamehere and you should have it there.

If you have any problems post them because ill keep an eye on the thread.
Don’t forget to thank me if I helped you.

Look, if you want a pretty basic texture, just import it as a spray. Just change the vmt, and you’re set. You should probably move it to the materials folder from the materials/VGUI/logo folder, or whatever.

I haven’t check this very much, though.